Rodeo Ready:  Style Aztec Shorts For Summer Rodeos

Rodeo Ready: Style Aztec Shorts For Summer Rodeos

When styling Aztec shorts for your rodeo outfit, you can embrace the southwest feel while incorporating the vibrant patterns and colors of the shorts. Here are some tips to help you create a stylish rodeo look with the Tequila Shorts:

1. Glow Girl Top:
- Choose the Glow Girl Top for a “basic” touch.
- Add a squash + pearls for the perfect layered look.

2. Sabado Sangria Tank:
- Go all out and pair the shorts with a fun patterned top such as the Sabado Tank.
- The colors create the perfect pair, and I mean, who can have two much aztec?

3. Western Accessories:
- Add some Western-inspired accessories to complete the rodeo look.
- Consider throwing on your favorite Charlie One Horse hat, a silver statement concho belt, or a twilly to complete the look.
- Don't forget to accessorize with some silver or turquoise jewelry!

4. Layer with a Denim Jacket:
- Headed to a rodeo up north? If the weather is cool, layer your outfit with a denim jacket.
- Opt for a distressed or embroidered denim jacket for a trendy twist.
- Roll up the sleeves for a casual and relaxed look.

Remember, the rodeo style is all about embracing the Western aesthetic, so have fun styling the Tequila shorts.  The options are endless! 

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